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Partners to reach the top

"The brands that support me in my sporting project have all done so for years.
We have forged a relationship of trust and exchanges. They are human partners, close to me and very attentive to my expectations.
It is very important for me to be able to exchange with them.
I love every brand I wear or use for my horses.
It is therefore not by chance that everyone wanted to show their support on this page.
I really thank them for accompanying me on my adventure "


"Ilona shone at the highest level in pony events where she already has a national and international record worthy of the best riders. We had the chance to accompany her at a crucial period of her career, in the midst of the transition between her last deadlines in pony and her beginnings on horseback As a young high-level athlete, Ilona has a hectic pace of life and shows a lot of will and self-sacrifice in the pursuit of her sporting goals, values that inspire us every day. She wears the colors of Horse Pilot with great elegance, we are very proud to be at her side in her development and to see her grow, as a rider and as a woman. "


"My Egide helmet: I love it for its comfort, its lightness, the safety it gives me and its design.
It is customizable, testable before purchase and interchangeable with a winter coating.
And quality level? I've been wearing mine every day for 2 years now! "


Je tiens à remercier Laurent Gauthier qui a été à mon écoute pendant plusieurs semaines, qui a pris le temps d'observer les chevaux et leur morphologie, de me regarder travailler, de me suivre en concours afin de trouver les selles les plus adaptées.

La selle est légère grâce à son arçon ultra résistant en fibres synthétiques.Les quartiers ont été conçus en fonction de mon physique et de celui de mes chevaux.


"Flex-On has been supporting Ilona since June 2019. The young triple champion of France is a passionate, efficient and very talented rider. We are very proud to count her among our ambassadors and to follow her magnificent career and her sporting commitment. She perfectly embodies our values and our image. "



“I've known Kineton from my Shetland days. I went to the tack room a lot and found everything I was looking for.
The last jacket, the cross Kazac in Jardy's colors, the bells in the right size and above all I made my Christmas lists because at Kineton there are the most beautiful boots, the most beautiful rugs ... over time a friendship was created with Solenne.
Today the saddlery accompanies me in my adventure. That's a beautiful story."


"I met the designer at Equita Lyon in 2019. I fell in love with these super quality French trunks. The" diligence "trunk changed my life! I put two saddles in it, all my straps and nets , the protections, my jackets and my airbag. It's the Rolls of the trunk. "


"One afternoon of victory for the French team at the BIP 2018, we invited the 4 small champions to our stand, offered them a Horse & Travel grooming bag for an unforgettable photo and a partnership was thus born. Regularly Ilona came to see us at our stand during the various competitions and fairs… Ilona has not stopped surprising us, winning, asserting herself as much by her kindness and her simplicity as by her talent and her work. to move more and more and I am delighted and proud to equip her since 2018.

Affectionately and materially. "

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.



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