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I am in the 1st scientific class.
I am lucky to be in a sports school so I am free every afternoon.

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Week without competition


On Monday, the horses are at rest.

I spend my afternoon working.

I also play sports supervised by a professional.



Quarries (ground concept)
Loin ring
Thinking room


Eugénie Angot et  Alizée Wauthier

Eugénie Angot, meilleure cavalière du monde en 2006, membre active de l'équipe de France, elle participe aux Jeux Olympiques d'été de 2004 à Athènes et à ceux de Londres en 2012.  Il Elle accompagne mon travail au quotidien, monte mes chevaux sur le plat lorsque je suis absente ou que je rencontre une difficulté. Elle m'accompagne en concours et établit avec moi le meilleur programme de compétitions pour chaque cheval.

Alizée Wauthier, cavalière émérite de dressage, elle m'aide à travailler mes chevaux sur le plat et à les faire fonctionner mieux sous ma selle.




Eric Denarnaud

My coach for 8 years

After her victory at the CSIO in Fontainebleau, Ilona dedicates her victory to her coach Eric Denarnaud, who did not shy away from his pleasure. “I have a stable in Villennes sur Seine, I have been Ilona since I was eight years old. I was lucky to find Arcy Fou, who was racing on 135 and CSI2 * with Virginie Lefèvre a year ago. Ilona started nicely on 130 and 135 with him. He has all the means, and in addition he is brave. "

Capture d’écran 2021-03-31 à

Mathieu Groisne,
Ostheopath, acupuncturist

“I had the pleasure of taking care of Ilona under the advice of her coach Éric Denarnaud who trusted me by including me in his protocol for the preparation and management of some major deadlines. It's been a long time since I observed Ilona on the edge of her career: a young Amazon who worked without complaining under the advice of her coach. For me the “Denarnaud System” is to equestrian competition what Philippe Lucas is to swimming: together they define an objective, a championship with a dream of a medal and they give themselves the means with rigor, work and surpassing themselves. . And they reach it together.

My first experience with Ilona, ​​in 2018, was magical! After a fall in the paddock at Fontainebleau where it was necessary to sort out and forget the sores, I succeeded in "re-anchoring" Ilona in her objectives and making her aware of her own resources which are performance with pleasure and joy.

Contract fulfilled: she makes the Marseillaise sound twice by winning the 7-year-old GP with Balentino and by winning the Nations Cup with Callas.

In 2019, the French championships where she made the double with ken and Callas are extraordinary.

As a great competitor, she was able to prepare as usual and trust her coach and her ponies. Strengthen its strengths and erase its weakest by relying on the expertise of people who

surround him to be at his best physically and mentally.

In the fall of 2019, at Equita Lyon, another magnificent moment! Ilona finished 3rd with Ken after a jump-off where she tried everything to win. That day, she becomes aware of the mirror effect that can have a positive impact on the confidence that her pony can give her to give her everything.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Ilona knows how to put herself in her bubble to protect herself from the outside and stay focused on her goals. At her age, she shows a disconcerting resilience to stress and knows how to chain flawlessly to then let her joy burst when the goal is reached. She craves performance.

The pressure and the stakes transcend it in a positive way! "

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